Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Don't let yourself be hijacked by your ISP

I use Firefox, Chrome, Iceweasel and Chromium as my browsers.  One thing I have really gotten to like is simply typing search words directly into the url field on the browser.  Recently, though, my ISP has started to hijack anything that was not a working url--pushing me over to the CenturyLink Web Helper/ Yahoo page full of spam and ads. 

After trying to opt out of the service via the Web Helper page itself, I finally concluded that you can NOT opt out of the service--even if you connect directly to your modem as per their instructions.

Luckily, I use Linux and it's really easy to use Google's Public DNS service to put an end to the CenturyLink Web Helper nonsense for good.  I just followed the instructions on the Google page itself and had no problems.  Haven't tried this yet on a Mac, but will soon.

Now, when I type "frogs" into the url field on Firefox I get this:

Sooooooo much better!

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