Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Inkscape crashing in Ubuntu 12.04 (on iMac 27")

Just thought I'd document something that was really bothering me a lot lately: Inkscape kept crashing whenever I'd try to use the "generate from path" commands.

I'm pretty good at searching for hours and finding what I need to fix something.  Since Inkscape is one of my main applications, I thought it was deserving of the attention.

After finding surprisingly little about this, I decided to try running the development version of Inkscape.  Here's how I did this.

First, I choose to use synaptic for this:
 sudo apt-get install synaptic 
Then, I had to add the development build to my sources:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:inkscape.dev/trunk

In synaptic, check to confirm that you have the development repository added:

After uninstalling your current Inkscape, use synaptic to install the development version:

Worked like a charm.  I wish I had more to report on what was causing the crashes, but this was a problem that I spent a lot of failed attempts to fix it.  So, I was just happy to have it working again.

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